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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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for now get your weekend out the door and off to a cool start. temperatures generally in the 30s but some colder 20s on the map. 26 in martinsburg. 37 fredericksburg. plenty of sunshine today. off to a chilly start but abundant sunshine for your saturday afternoon. high around 53 degrees. the maryland terapins hosting florida state in college park. it's a noon kickoff, nice and sunny. 50 degrees in college park. want to see your game on tv? send me a note and tell me who is playing, when, and where. i'll put on as many as i can in
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the 9:00 hour. new this morning one person is dead after a double stabbing at a metro station in northwest d.c. it happened just after 1:00 at woodly park station. police say they found two men stabbed, one in the chest, one in the face. the man with the chest wound died. the knife was found on the metro tracks. police say they have five people in custody. there is a whole new way to get around today in northern virginia. take a live look. the 495 express lanes are open. they opened up around 4:00 this morning and obviously not too much traffic taking advantage right now. that is going to change. they'll get the first true test come monday. with today's opening v dot is hoping you can go to breezing right by backups. before you hop on those lanes we want to make sure you know exactly how they work. two lanes stretch for 14 miles on both the inner and outer loops in northern virginia between the dulles toll road and springfield. the promise is you'll be able to go at least 45 miles per hour
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even at rush hour. to keep all of this traffic moving the toll cost will rise and fall based on how much congestion there is. you'll be able to see the current price posted on electronic signs and it could cost as much as a dollar but you'll be charged whatever rate is posted when you enter the lanes. now you'll need one of these, an ez pass to ride the all electronic lane. you can use the one you already own or of course you can get the ez pass flex, the flex allows you to avoid the toll by car pooling with three or more people. all you have to do is flip a switch at the bottom of the device that says hov on right before you enter the lanes. but just keep in mind that state troopers will be watching to make sure enough people are in the car. >> we are following breaking news now from overseas. a school bus collided with a train in egypt killing at least 47 people most of them children.
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it happened 230 miles south of cairo. police say the bus was crossing the track and the railroad crossing was knocked down. the train went right into it. a developing story in the gaza strip. overnight israeli forces destroyed one of the offices of hamas's prime minister. no one was killed in the latest attack. israel had launched multiple air strikes since wednesday when it killed hamas's top military commander. they say the attack is in response to missiles fired into israel from gaza. three israelis and 29 palestinians were killed in the back and forth rocket attacks. president obama is staying in touch with israeli and egyptian leaders during these attacks. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called the president yesterday to provide an update. mr. obama also spoke with egyptian president morsi and praised his efforts to ease tensions in the region. the white house says president obama supports israel's right to teefd itself but that he wants td situation resolved quickly as possible. today the president takes
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his first overseas trip since winning re-election. mr. obama will head to southeast asia for a four-day visit and attend a summit in cambodia as well as stop in thailand. he will be the first u.s. president to visit myanmar where he'll meet with democratic activist aung san suu kyi. this morning leaders in congress say they are optimistic they can reach a deal that would avoid the upcoming so-called fiscal cliff. the president and house leaders showed confidence after a closed door meeting on capitol hill. the republican house speaker john boehner and democrat house minority leader nancy pelosi expressed confidence but neither said how the talks are progressing. the president insists the way to handle it is to tee cease taxes as scheduled for individuals making less than $250,000 per year. lawmakers have until the end of the year to reach a deal. >> do you have a plan to address the subject then? >> there was one very
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inquisiti inquisitive can. a group of young adults called the can kicks back. they say they are pressuring lawmakers to make sure they handle the debt responsibly. >> congress is kicking the can down the road and we realized the can is our generation and starting now we're kicking back. >> yesterday's meeting was the first between the president and leaders from both sides. they will meet again after thanksgiving. more details are emerging about former cia director david petraeus's testimony concerning the deadly consulate attack in libya. lawmakers say petraeus told them the cia knew the attack was a terrorist plot but decided to classify that information because of intelligence and legal issues. originally intelligence officers said the attack was in response to an antimuslim video made near the u.s. petraeus added that u.n. ambassador susan rice had specific talking points for media outlets which did not include the terrorist plot because it was classified information. a new report shows jill
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kelly the woman who helped launch the petraeus scandal visited the white house three times in the past year. she and her sister were invited by mid level staffers they met at the airforce base in florida. kelly also referenced petraeus and general john allen in e-mails to tampa's mayor and said the two generals were telling her to stop a local shock jock threatening to destroy a koran. petraeus resigned after admitting to an affair with his biographer paula broadwell. the affair became public after kelly received threatening e-mails from broadwell. railroad crossing signals will be tested today in a small texas town where a train slammed into a parade float carrying wounded veterans. it had the flat bed trailer carrying the veterans and their families. witnesses say the crossing gates at the track came down just seconds before impact. the ntsb says the train was traveling under the 70-mile-per-hour speed limit and the train did apply its emergency brakes before the crash. police in missouri say they
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stopped a mass shooting plot similar to the theater attacks. officers arrested blake lammers yesterday and charged him with making a terrorist threat and armed criminal action. he admitted he was planning to shoot up a movie theater tomorrow during a showing of the new "twilight" movie. investigators say he loaded up on guns and ammo but his mother informed police about the weapons. in north carolina police are on the hunt for a man who literally crashed a premiere of a new "twilight" movie. investigators say the man hit several cars in the parking lot and then crashed his car into one of the theaters about two hours before the premiere. luckily, no one was hurt in the accident. the time right now is 6:08. coming up, a health scare for one of the biggest names in pro football. why steven colbert brought his antics to the district and faced a debate with his look alike. also ahead, two prince george's county police officers suspended.
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what are your thanksgiving day plans? chat with us online this morning. we are on facebook and twitter. all you have to do is search news 4 today. we're back in a moment.
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two prince george's county police officers suspended after a video surfaced apparently showing them harassing a driver during a traffic stop. the chief says the two officers were off duty but in uniform at the time and at the request of a local comedian they pulled over a black man. now, the officers, who were also black, then used demeaning language and racial slurs. it was supposed to be a spoof on racial profiling but the chief says there was nothing funny about the video. >> i watched it and was disgusted by what i saw. the video is disparaging not only to this profession but to our community that we serve. it depicts our officers, our community in a terrible light, and it's just unacceptable. >> both officers will face a hearing next week. they could be fired for the
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incident. a long-time teacher at a local private school is in jail this morning over allegations he sexually abused students more than 40 years ago. 73-year-old christopher cloweman was arrested yesterday after a woman told police he sexual abuse herd when he was her teacher in the late 1960s. since the woman first made the claim three more women have come forward telling the same story from when they were as young as 12 years old. police are investigating whether there could be more victims. >> 1965 to 1994 he was employed. we don't have any evidence to show from the 1980s to the present that anything has occurre occurred. >> he's being charged under the 1960s penal code. he was teaching in bethesda when the investigation began. about a year ago. but has not worked there since. a shooting at a food plant in indianapolis have left two workers dead in what police are calling a murder-suicide.
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a witness tells police that the victim was shot in the back in a break room while walking to a vending machine. the gunman fired several shots then turned the gun on himself. the shooter was pronounced dead at the scene and police are still investigating a motive for that shooting. no names have been released. the coast guard is searching this morning for two workers missing after a fire broke out on an oil rig in the gulf of mexico. four others are critically hurt with burns over much of their bodies. the fire started when a worker used a torch to cut an oil line. it was quickly put out. there is a sheen of oil about a half mile long on the gulf surface but the coast guard says it didn't appear oil is leaking from the well. a woman crashed her car on to an airport runway during a chase with her baby inside and it's all caught on camera. a video from our sister station kpnx shows the 21-year-old woman crashing her car through a parking gate at phoenix sky harbor international before crashing through another gate that took her right on to an active runway.
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the faa had to stop air traffic as police followed close behind. officers eventually got the woman to surrender. she later told police she didn't know her 2-month-old baby was in the car. how do you like that excuse? all right. next see the unforgettable moment five young ladies got to share at the white house. plus pain at the pump. the proposal that could cause a spike at gas stations in virginia. what kind of weather conditions can we expect as we head into a very busy holiday travel week? chuck has your forecast next.
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graceland is all lit up in anticipation of the christmas season. the home of elvis features a giant guitar and grand piano covered in lights. the inside of the mansion is also decorated for the holidays. tourists donated canned goods to
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go to a local food bank. already time to start putting up the lights. after thanksgiving. >> a lot of the malls already have santa out i noticed this weekend. >> i think there ought to be a law. >> i listen to christmas music year round. i love it. >> i like christmas music but the reason i like it is because it is one month a year. >> oh, well okay. one thing we can agree on is that perhaps we're in for a great weekend weather wise. >> i think you'll like the weekend. no major complaints or issues. as we get into probably one of the busiest travel weeks of the entire year, nothing big on the horizon. that is very, very important. a lot of people don't just get thanksgiving. a lot of people use the whole upcoming week as part of an early kick off to the holiday season. welcome to your weekend. a little on the chilly side. it is the middle of november after all so we can't complain too much about 38 degrees at least down at national airport but a clear sky out there. on the whole i think you're
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going to find the weekend very useable for outdoor activities. if you really need the sunshine get it done today. tomorrow we won't have quite as much sunshine as i expect on this fine afternoon. 38 degrees down at national airport right now but still in the chilly mid 20s across parts of the shenandoah valley into the panhandle of west virginia. 26 martinsburg and charlestown. frederick, maryland at 27 degrees right now and your hometown forecast in frederick, temperatures staying in the 30s through 9:00, 10:00 this morning. gradually climbing up into the low 50s. again, partly sunny to mostly sunny sky for today. back into the low 50s as we head toward mid to late afternoon and back into the chilly 30s by 8:00, 9:00 tonight. a little bit on the cool side for you folks in frederick but not too bad. going to show you a lot more of the country than usual because there are so many people traveling to and fro. on the west coast where the worst weather is by far today. rain up and down the california coast line. across the middle of the country a little light snow in the dakotas. no big storm system anywhere to worry about. some rain showers out across parts of the florida peninsula.
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back here at home in the mid-atlantic nothing to worry yourself about for travel plans for this weekend as high pressure is in charge and this main area of high pressure will be in charge of our weather not just for today but all the way through at least the front half of the upcoming week. so nice and sunny today. clear skies through most of the overnight as well. then tomorrow that northeasterly wind starts to set up shop around here. a northeast wind means generally speaking more clouds than sunshine around here and i think that pattern will continue to build in more and more clouds as we get toward sunday night, monday, and tuesday. again, not a whole lot in the way of rain chances. so for today, then, on your saturday mostly sunny. a nice day outside today. temperatures still a touch cooler than average but not too bad. low to mid 50s. sun down at 4:53. then for tomorrow, clouds on the increase. sunshine tomorrow morning i think but it will become mostly cloudy tomorrow afternoon. a little cooler because of the bonus cloud cover. highs tomorrow only up into the low 50s. that means upper 40s for you folks out toward the blue ridge
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mountains. here is the all important seven-day forecast. plenty of clouds but not much of a rain threat. that's welcome news all the way through monday and tuesday. wednesday the big, big travel day. no big problems there. it looks like our turkey day this year, no complaints. sunshine and about 60 degrees. i get extra shout outs for my game today because it's loek alg. it's unbelievable. west virginia joined the big 12 conference. they did and now it is time to introduce them to sooner football. we're going to morgan town tonight, my beloved sooners. this is going to be a tough win. west virginia has had four painful losses in a row and i know nothing would make them happier than to right the ship. if you'd like your game on tv later on on the show send me a note send me a twitter. i'll be tweeting out the game forecast and any little tid bits. no 6:00 news tonight so i get to actually watch the first half of the game at home and then come back to work. >> west virginia, they'll be hungry. >> they are. take it easy on my sooners. >> good luck, chuck. the department of justice is
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in a legal battle with an unlikely foe. online auction site ebay. the government says ebay created an agreement with intuit an online tax site that neither company would try to hire each other's employees. the justice department says the agreement harms workers by likely depriving them of better salaries and jobs. the two companies both look to hire specialized computer engineers and scientists. legendary football player and coach mike ditka is recovering this morning after suffering a stroke. ditka was playing cards last night when he started to feel ill. after going to the hospital the 73-year-old told reporters he was feeling good and will be back to work soon. he is a football analyst for espn and some other stations. he does not plan to be on the air this weekend, though. mike ditka had a heart attack in 1988 when coaching the bears. after a season opening loss to kentucky the terps look to get on a roll to start the year. >> carol maloney has the highlights in this morning's sports minute.
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good saturday morning everyone. i'm carol maloney. your sports minute starts with college hoops. maryland hosting liu and it was a block party in college park. terps with 11 blocks in the game including four. maryland also dialed in from long distance. 8 for 12 from behind the arc. freshman seth allen with five triples and a game high 19 points. terps win, 91-74, to improve to 2-1 this season. to football where the terps face a giant task in their last home game of the year taking on tenth ranked florida state today. the seminoles boast the nation's top defense. while maryland ranks dead last in total offense. it is going to be a tough one at the stadium. listing the college football games for you today seminoles and terps kick things off at noon. virginia tech heads north to take on boston college. howard looks to put the finishing touches on a great season when delaware state visits green stadium later
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today. navy hosts texas state bob cats and the 12th ranked oklahoma sooners pay a visit to morgan town to take on west virginia. that's your sports minute. i'm carol maloney. hope your saturday is a good one. >> carol, thanks. a golden moment captured in the oval office. the u.s. women's gymnastics team stopped by the white house to visit with president obama yesterday. the fierce five were in town for a gymnastics tour. the team captured america's hearts this summer at the london olympics. they won the team all-around gold for the first time since 1996. a big day for a well known comedian has people here in d.c. seeing double. >> ladies and gentlemen, one, two, me! >> steven colbert was in washington yesterday for the unveiling of his very own wax figure in northwest. colbert was born here in d.c.
6:26 am
and hosts the colbert report on comedy central. you can see he was quite impressed by his own likeness. yuk. >> this is what it's like to be with me. i would so want to be a guest on my show. >> colbert wasn't just here to spend some time with his new wax double. he was also in town to meet with fans and sign copies of his newest book "america again." i think he made out with himself. >> i don't know. kind of gross. it was kind of odd. i almost can't believe we showed that. but, you know, a wax revealing with steven colbert is going to be unlike any other one. the time is 6:26. coming up the big secret in american university student kept from her boyfriend until they got engaged. >> hear how it changed the tone of their wedding. you've heard about the 494 express lanes opening up today. what if you can access them
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illegally? how much would it cost you, next? what not to buy on black friday. we have expert advice coming up on news 4 today.
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good morning everyone. welcome to news 4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm angie goff. it is saturday, november 17th, 2012, and we're looking for sunshine today. >> yeah we are. let's see if we're going to get anything. chuck bell has the details. >> hey there. good morning once again. good morning, everybody. your weekend off to a chilly but nice start. here is the live view from our city camera. a mostly clear sky out there. just a little while ago got a picture of one of the meteors with the rising sun we won't be able to get anymore pictures but nonetheless there are still a few out there. keep the good eye to the sky. again, late tonight. temperatures are generally speaking in the 20s and 30s. 38 now at national airport.
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winds north at 9 miles an hour, a north to northeasterly breeze for much of the weekend. temperatures 20s and 30s now will rise into the upper 40s and low 50s today. plenty of sunshine on your saturday. exactly ten hours of sunshine today. sun is up at 6:53 and down at 4:53 later on this afternoon. the hokies of virginia tech are on the road at chestnut hill playing the boston college eagles today. sunny and cool for their trip to boston. if you'd like to see your team on the 9:00 show, shoot me a note and i'll get your game on. back to you guys. >> thanks. the time is 6:31. checking our top stories this morning police are investigating a deadly double stabbing at a metro station. police found two men stabbed at the woodly park station just after 1:00. one of those men died. the knife was found on the metro tracks and five people are in custody. there is a new way to get around the beltway. take a look. the 495 express lanes are opening up this morning. this is the entrance in
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springfield. you can tell not too busy right now but the lanes will get their first true test during the monday rush hour. remember, it is all electronic so you will need an ez pass. there are lots of rules that come with the new lanes and if you break them, it could cost you big time. first police will be checking to make sure you have at least three people in your car. if you claim to be car pooling. your ez pass flex will alert them that you have entered the lanes and then they will do a visual check. now get caught without three people in the car and you could face a fine between 50 and a thousand dollars. forget weaving through the protective posts to avoid the toll. that can carry a fine of $2500 and a reckless driving charge. 18 wheelers will also not be allowed in those lanes. it could soon cost you more to fill up in virginia. state senator john watkins is proposing a 14-cent increase on the gas tax. that would bring the total to more than 31 cents a gallon. watkins says the increase would help pay for $730 million worth
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of road construction projects, eliminating the need for more toll roads. the proposed tax hike will be introduced in january. from the roads to the rails be sure to add some time to your trip this weekend if you plan on taking metro. three lines will be affected as crews install fiber optic cables and make repairs to the rails. on the red line there will be single tracking between tacoma and forest glen. on the blue line there is single tracking between stadium armory and addison road. there will also be single tracking between pentagon city and reagan national airport on the blue and yellow line. now that single tracking is only for today. some parents in a fast growing school district in our area are unhappy about a potential shuffle of where their kids go to school. rapidly growing loudoun county is proposing to redraw the lines between the school's seven elementary schools so attendance can be more balanced. the final plan could mean 1200 students in the ashburn and dulles north areas could be going to different schools come next fall and that has parents
6:34 am
trying to leave things the way they are. >> i can't tell you how many girl scout leaders and all kinds of things that are all tied to that school. we've invested a lot in the school. >> it's more the principle of the back and forth, back and forth. >> parents can sound off at a public hearing coming up on december 3rd. the school board will decide on the final boundary plan on december 11th. today three astronauts are preparing to return home after spending the last four months in space. the astronauts will perform a change of command ceremony onboard the international space station. three other crew members who arrived in october are going to take over. then tomorrow american soony williams and her japanese and russian crew will climb aboard their soyuz capsule. they are expected to land in kazakhstan tomorrow night. the three astronauts spent 127 days in space. a proposed plan to build a national memorial honoring president dwight eisenhower will be delayed into next year.
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the memorial honoring our 34th president would be at 6th street and independence avenue southwest right by the department of education. the delay is due to eisenhower's family. they continue to object to the proposed design calling it too extravagant. the plan includes statues of the president framed by large metal tapestries depicting his boyhood home in kansas. there is another royal wedding this weekend and this time the bride and groom both have strong ties to the d.c. area. ugandan princess ruth komentel kept her royal status quiet as she attended american university and when she dated christopher thomas of silver spring. the two got engaged and are expected to tie the knot this weekend in the east african nation. they say they plan to split their time between uganda and the u.s. in the week ahead, it's just as much a thanksgiving tradition as stuffing and pumpkin pie. the annual presidential turkey party. on wednesday president obama will pardon a turkey coming from harrisonburg, virginia. two birds will leave the farm on
6:36 am
monday and spend two nights in the "w" hotel before the ceremony. the two birds are sent in case one falls ill. the tradition dates back to 1989 when george h.w. bush performed the first presidential pardon of a gobbler. they stay at the "w." >> they do. they like to go up to the roof top bar i heard. >> yeah. >> they did last year. really. >> okay. the time right now is 6:36. coming up some people are already in line for black friday deals. really? >> yeah. the turkey -- surprised you're not in line. the turkey, sweet potatoes, rolls, don't forget the pie. find out just how much a typical thanksgiving dinner will cost you at the grocery store. >> chances are you won't find these at the supermarket. news 4's pat collins takes a look at the rush on twinkies in our area, next.
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just in time for a black
6:40 am
friday shopping madness there is a battle brewing between walmart and its employees. walmart has filed an unfair labor practice charge against the united food and commercial workers international union. for the last six months workers have protested outside walmart stores across the country but employees at some stores say they'll strike on black friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. walmart says it's trying to keep the union from hurting customer service. it appears to be the end of an era for hostess and all of its famous treats. the company moved yesterday to liquidate and layoff all 18,000 of its employees and its ceo says there is no one waiting in the wings to buy the company. news 4's pat collins has more on how the news got quite a strong reaction from people in the d.c. area. >> reporter: i remember as a boy the old wonder bread bakery. it was nearby griffith stadium where the senators played and when you could smell that bread baking, you knew it was time to
6:41 am
play ball. and after the game if you were really, really good, maybe a twinkie. >> they taste good. really yummy inside. a lot of good yuminess inside. >> reporter: now we hear because of a labor dispute wonder bread and the iconic twinkie may be going the way of the studebaker! >> what's a studebaker? >> see what i mean? >> there you go. >> reporter: that's joe. he's been delivering twinkies for 28 years. going to miss those twinkies? >> yes. my father did it, too, for 25 years. >> reporter: show me your twinkies! how many boxes? >> i have ten. six here and four in the front. >> reporter: your husband sent you? >> yes he did. >> reporter: your husband made you do it. >> yes he did. >> reporter: he's been eating twinkies how long? >> his whole life. >> reporter: at the hostess outlet store in rockville people stocking up on twinkies for all
6:42 am
sorts of reasons. the twinkie collector. >> look at this. got one for a souvenir. i don't like them. >> reporter: but you bought them anyhow. >> yes. for a souvenir. >> reporter: the twinkie historian. >> my children have never had a twinkie before. >> reporter: and you don't want them to go through life without that experience. >> they have to have that cultural experience. >> reporter: twinkie connoisseurs. show me your twinkies. >> okay. i've got the chocolate and i've got the traditional. >> reporter: you were 6 years old when you had your first twinkie? >> that is correct. >> reporter: you've been eating them ever since? >> ever since. can't you tell? >> it's one of those nostalgic things. they've been around for a good while so you buy them. >> reporter: if you stock up on twinkies you don't have to eat them all at once. there may be a sell by date but we all know that twinkies never get old. i'm pat collins. news 4 washington. >> if you wanted to get a box of hostess twinkies as a memento
6:43 am
you better do it soon. stores are running out, which means some have turned to ebay to rake in a little extra cash on the price. we found a package of five boxes of twinkies currently up to almost $300. >> whoa. >> in bids. that is true. >> give it back. >> i didn't know that was worth so much money. >> seriously. >> the thing is in the newsroom when you bring any type of food -- >> i know. >> i'm really sad. i'm going to be missing the snow balls. those were my favorites, the pink snowballs as a child. to be honest it's been a long time since i had one. >> i didn't realize they had chocolate inside. let's find out what the "today" show is working on. >> lester holt joins us live from new york. >> good morning. coming up on a saturday morning on "today" the escalating violence between israel and the palestinians. could it lead to a ground invasion of gaza? can the u.s. truly stand on the sidelines? we'll go live to the scene.
6:44 am
also ahead, exclusive live interview with loren scruggs the fashion blogger who lost an arm and eye when she walked into a plane's spinning propeller. she is making an amazing recovery. plus, he is not a household name but he became a millionaire by selling a popular computer security software. now he is at the center of a bizarre murder mystery. this morning he is speaking out to us. richard and angie, can i ask you, were those hohos on the set? >> only one left. >> okay. i got one twinkie. >> i'll trade you. >> i like the ho hos better. >> we're looking for snow balls or ding dongs. >> we're the "today" show. of course we have snow balls. we apparently have them in the studio. we'll see them because we are covering the story as well. see you a little bit later for "today." >> enjoy. >> here we go. >> there they are. >> now you're teasing us. >> see you guys later. >> i love those.
6:45 am
>> the most obvious pun of all. there is still at least one ding dong left. >> oh, there is. >> fell flat. sorry. >> i thought it was funny. that is what is most important. >> okay. >> we have a little sunshine to get your weekend started. off to a cool start, too. we'll talk about your saturday, your sunday, and your week ahead. don't go away. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over,
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well, four, three, two, one, go! here we go. woo! >> recognize that man? if you wanted to get into the holiday spirit, the station flipped the switch yesterday. now playing nonstop holiday music, which i wish was 365 days a year. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kieran helped make the switch. you can now hear jingle bells, deck the halls, and all your favorites from now until christmas eve. >> it looks like an easy button. >> i know.
6:49 am
>> good job, tom. >> i love that. i've already been watching all of the movies. we watched "elf on the shelf." we watched "rudolph." >> really. >> i do like that movie "christmas story" as most people do and i forgot which network but one runs it 24 hours a day. >> turner? >> it's not us which is why we're not giving them a shout out. you should be watching nbc at all times. but nonetheless there is a network out there that shows "christmas story" 24/7 at least one day. >> today you want to get outside though. >> yes. today a good day to be outside. not much of a breeze to worry about. plenty of sunshine, too. that is welcomed news after a fairly cloudy early stretch to the week we broke outd into sunshine yesterday afternoon and we get to keep the sunshine at least for the first half of your weekend. tomorrow may be not as nice. so that means if you need the sunshine, get outside and enjoy it and make the most of your saturday. not a bad way to get your weekend started. clear sky over washington. a nice breeze out of the north-northeast headed up 9, 10
6:50 am
miles per hour this morning. the north to northeasterly winds will be with us for the rest of the weekend and on into the early parts of next week. but if you lived here long enough you know. the longer that wind comes out of the northeast at this time of the year the more you're going to start to have to worry about clouds. so today not much of a cloud concern but tomorrow as that northeasterly wind sets in more clouds will be on the way. 41 now in way northeastern aberdeen at maryland. 37 in fredericksburg and stafford, waldorf and la plata 32 degrees this morning. 34 in leesburg. 33 in hagerstown. here is your hometown forecast. hagerstown not far from boonsboro. the jfk 50-mile race. 50 miles? as a marathoner i'll tell you 26.2 is all i got. 26.3 and i would just fall over. 50 miles today up in washington county. temperatures in the 30s now will climb into the upper 40s to near 50 for a time today and no rain concerns. so if you're doing the 50-mile run you're probably already at the start line. they start the race at 7:00 today and most everybody finishes, i looked it up, the fastest guy finishes it in about
6:51 am
six hours so that's pretty speedy for a 50-mile run. worst weather today on the west coast. if you have friends or relatives coming from the western hubs you may have some delays coming and going there. a little light rain up across parts of the dakotas and rain showers down along the florida coast line as well. nothing for us to worry about around here. a great start today and honestly a pretty nice weekend but gradually with that northeasterly wind more and more clouds coming into the picture for tomorrow and they get really thick i think as we get into the monday/tuesday time frame. today sunny and nice. nothing to complain about. 50 to 55 degrees for your high temperatures today. tomorrow with a little bit more cloud cover will be just a smidgeon cooler. upper 40s and low 50s tomorrow. here is the all important seven-day forecast generally the low to mid 50s the next few days. our average high this time of the year is 57. all of these numbers are just a touch cooler than average right up through the middle of the week. wednesday the big travel day of course. no big storms on the horizon. it does not appear at this time. so especially along the eastern seaboard nothing to worry about as we get toward thanksgiving
6:52 am
day. the bison of howard having a great season. a 1:00 kickoff today playing delaware state. the hornets 52, sunny and cool. good luck to the bison. you want to see your game on the 9:00 show, who is playing, when, where? send it to me, >> nbc uni. >> or even just tweet you. it's easier. >> at chuck bell 4. the time right now 6:52. as you stock up for your thanksgiving dinner this weekend don't forget those less fortunate. >> coming up the group that could use your help with a food donation drive right now. and the bargains you won't find on black friday and what you may want to hold off on. you're watching news 4 today. [ female announcer ] it's deliciously dark just before dawn.
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it's a rainy morning becoming a caramel drizzle. with folgers gourmet selections, you can turn any day gourmet. new roasts, new flavors, and a new look.
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nbc 4 is preparing for thanksgiving in its own way gearing up for our annual food for families food drive which is taking place on monday. >> we're not the only ones looking to help those less fortunate.
6:56 am
pat lawson muse shows us how nurses at georgetown university hospital are holding their own drive to help with ours. >> reporter: you know it's thanksgiving when these nurses at georgetown hospital get busy collecting cans. it's a collecting marathon. the goal? 7200 cans in 72 hours. >> we've had donations from patients and families that come through because we're taking cash donations as well. nurses and physicians and anybody else that works in the hospital. >> reporter: the cans, boxes, packages, and donations began coming in on wednesday. by mid morning, today, the nurses were well on their way. >> we just did a tally and we have 4154 cans. >> yay! >> just a few more to go. >> just a few more to go. >> it is so important to us in terms of giving back to the community with which, from where our patients come from so we provide extraordinary care inside the four walls but we're
6:57 am
very interested in our patients outside the four walls as well. >> reporter: the food comes in by the bag, by the boxes, even by wheelchair. all of it is given straight from the heart. >> i have been so blessed in my life that i just want to give back and help those in any way that i can. so this is just a very little token to help those out. >> reporter: and what's on the menu? >> i brought a whole variety of things -- macaroni and cheese, canned vegetables, some gravy, stuffing mixes, lots of different stuff. >> there is spam, yams, green beans, baked beans, jello. tuna, of course stuffing. everything you might have a taste for for thanksgiving dinner. >> we just got some cash donations to help and some baked beans. >> and they all get a good feeling just knowing that all of this food is headed for the table for some very grateful families. pat lawson muse, news 4 today.
6:58 am
>> we'll be collecting nonperishable foods along with cash and check donations monday at the verizon center. that's from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. you can also make donations on our website nbc just search food for families. thanksgiving this year is going to cost you about a wing and a leg. the american farm bureau federation says a full thanksgiving feast will set you back about $50. that's an increase from last year of about 25 cents. now, of course, the turkey takes up most of that costing about $22. sweet potatoes of $3.15 for three pounds. pumpkin pie mix runs you about three bucks as well. >> thanksgiving may still be five days away but that isn't keeping people already lining up from black friday deals. these people are outside of best buy in ft. myers, florida eager to get bargains on electronics. one guy took the entire week off work to get in line. the savings are worth the wait they say and worth missing out on a traditional family
6:59 am
thanksgiving. no matter how tempting the deal as it turns out there are some things that just should not be bought on black friday. kiplinger finance says the newest models are coming out now but you'll save more if you wait until late summer or early fall. you'll get better camera deals in february around presidents' day and luggage gets marked down in february and march. if you are looking for a new set of wheels, new year's eve is the cheapest for a new car. aich f april for used cars. interesting also on that list toys. they are saying it might be worth just getting the list checked off now during black friday but two weeks before christmas you'll have the sinking feeling when you see they're discounted again. >> yes. you might not get the toy you want. >> perhaps. but maybe buy the ones most sought after. >> you don't need to worry. santa always delivers if you're good enough. >> that's right. >> we're back in


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